How companies are profiting from the water crisis

Jul 1, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The world is quickly running out of water, and many regions are already feeling the consequences. To make matters worse, instead of these resources being managed sustainably and fairly, companies and investors are making more money as the water supply dwindles. It’s a dire situation but fortunately, we can take action to fix this issue.

The documentary “Thirst for Profit” looks into how the global crisis of water scarcity is being exploited by those who have access to it. By interviewing experts in the industry and everyday citizens living in areas affected by this crisis, the film reveals how business interests affecting water can be both detrimental and beneficial to people in different parts of the world.

The documentary takes a comprehensive look at how this problem has been created and what steps need to be taken to ensure that everyone receives fair access to clean drinking water. It also shows how those with power use their influence over economic policies to control the scarce resource for their own financial benefit. Additionally, it explores ways in which governments are striving to protect their citizens from exploitation while still allowing businesses to thrive without compromising on quality or quantity of available water.

By watching this documentary, viewers gain insight on why this crisis exists and what can be done about it. It sheds light on a deeper understanding of global water rights issues that go beyond just surface level facts and figures about drought or population growth. The film challenges us all to think more deeply about sustainability and justice when it comes to distributing our most valuable resource – water – so that no one will be left behind in its effects nor its solutions.

Watching “Thirst for Profit” is an important step towards helping us find a way forward from this urgent global issue – one that affects us all regardless of nationality or wealth status. We must take action now if we want any chance of succeeding in preserving this vital resource as well as creating a more equitable future where everyone can enjoy access to clean drinking water regardless of whether they live in an area prone to droughts or not.

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David B