How coal mining is displacing millions

Aug 29, 2023 | Technology, Videos

The coal industry has long been a source of controversy and unease in India. The protests of indigenous communities who bear the brunt of the environmental damage that comes with it are rarely heard, however. That’s why this new documentary is such a must-watch.

In ‘A Burning Issue: India’s Coal Heartland’, audiences get an unprecedented look into the struggles of those living among India’s coal belts; an insight into how their lives have been affected by the heavy presence of coal extraction activities in their towns and villages. We hear from local farmers, activists, politicians and even miners about the impact that coal production has had on them and their environment, from water contamination to deforestation and destruction of livelihoods.

The film also examines how, despite attempts at making the industry more socially responsible and sustainable, positive changes have been slow to take effect. What results is an eye-opening and moving portrait of rural life in some of India’s most overlooked areas – a reminder that climate change doesn’t only affect those living in large cities or coastal regions.

Intimate interviews with locals provide an inside look into their daily lives as they grapple with the consequences of mining operations on their land -– something often neglected by authorities or government initiatives focusing solely on economic growth.

With clear messages and strong visuals, ‘A Burning Issue: India’s Coal Heartland’ shows us exactly why we should care about these communities and push for change if we want to make our planet a better place for everyone. If you’re looking for an informative yet engaging watch with important social messages at its core, this is definitely one not to miss!

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David B