How Close Did Hitler Come To Nuclear Weapons? | Secrets Of The Third Reich

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Adolf Hitler wouldn’t stop at nothing to win World War II. US scientists worked feverishly on developing the first atom bomb.
US scientists worked feverishly on developing the first atom bomb. They feared Hitler’s Germany was about to build it before them. Later it was reported that the Germans had abandoned their plans. According to new documents, allied military reports and existing construction plans, Hitler had already tested a new kind of nuclear weapon in March 1945. How far did the Germans really get?
The Uranverein was a name given to the project in Germany to research nuclear technology, including nuclear weapons and nuclear reactors, during World War II.
Nowadays, we know Germany did not produce any atomic bombs. But how close was Hitler to developing such a weapon?
Fun fact, American scientists, after the first successful test, said, “We have this day crossed a great milestone in human progress”.

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