How China's love for beef is changing the Amazon Forest | China's Growing Appetite

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In the past several years, environmentalists and green movement activists have warned about the potential of China’s love for meat.
The country came by its love of meat only recently. In the 1960s, the average Chinese person consumed less than 5kg of meat annually, or close to 11 pounds. But following the market-driven reform and opening of the late 1970s, consumption rose to 20kg per capita. It has no reached up to 63kg, or 130lbs.
With the world's largest population and a rising craving for meat, China will be one of the biggest sources of increased demand. Experts at the advocacy group WildAid say that average annual meat consumption in China is on track to increase by another 60 pounds by 2030.
Brazilian beef exports to China have doubled in the last three years. What is the cost of China's new-found appetite for red meat to the Amazon Forest? This documentary answers the question.

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