How China is gobbling up the “exotic” fruit market | China’s Growing Appetite

Nov 25, 2022 | Economics, Videos

China’s middle class has developed a taste for “exotic” fruits. What’s driving the massive demand and how are fruit-exporting countries bending over backwards to feed it?
What are exotic fruits? They are fruits which are not native and that are cultivated outside, available at their place of origin. Usually, exotic fruits are tropical.
And it is only logical China would develop a taste for exotic fruits. Most of them come from Asia. For example, Akebi from Japan, Jackfruit from India, Salak from Indonesia, Durian and Carambola from Southeast Asia, and so on.
As the largest market in the world, China has the power to change economies and drive markets up or down. It is now happening with the exotic fruit market.

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Riyan H.