Hot Planet

Feb 8, 2024 | Environmental, Videos

Hot Planet is a documentary that takes an in-depth look at the current state of global warming and its potential future impacts on our planet. Professors Iain Stewart and Kathy Sykes lead an exploration into the world’s leading scientists’ vision of how quickly temperatures are rising, and the disastrous consequences that could result if action isn’t taken soon.

In just ten years’ time, Earth could be one degree warmer than it was pre-industrial times. By mid-century, temperatures may be two degrees higher, and over the next century, three or more degrees of warming are possible. In other words, things need to change fast if catastrophic damage to ecosystems and human societies is to be avoided.

However, there is still hope for the future: ingenious technology and groundbreaking science offers potential solutions for a sustainable future. Scientists have come up with specialized tools that can help us better understand climate change as well as creative strategies to counteract it on a large enough scale before it accelerates out of control.

Hot Planet gives viewers an accurate visual representation of what the planet’s fate may become based on findings from over 4,000 climate scientists around the world; making this documentary mandatory viewing for anyone who wants to stay informed about global warming and its repercussions on our future. By watching Hot Planet you can gain invaluable insight into this important issue while also learning about strategies we can use to combat climate change before it’s too late.

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David B