Horizon: Don’t Grow Old

Oct 23, 2023 | Health, Science, Technology, Videos

For centuries, scientists have been searching for a way to slow down the aging process and find the elixir of youth. Now, a breakthrough has been made in understanding just why we age and how it can be prevented. Horizon dives into this fascinating world of research, featuring interviews with experts and real-life stories of those who have been affected by aging.

Take the case of a 95-year-old woman who smokes two packs of cigarettes daily. Could her lifestyle choices be helping keep her from aging? Or what about reports that blueberries can delay signs of aging? Is it all in our attitude, or does something else lie beneath the surface?

The documentary also follows a five-year-old boy suffering from an extraordinary aging disease as well as a Harvard professor who experiments on himself to uncover secrets about controlling our rate of aging. Could any one these discoveries help us live beyond 120 years old?

This documentary promises to answer all these questions and more. So don’t miss out on the incredible journey that is Horizon’s exploration into the science behind growing old – watch it tonight at 9pm on BBC Two!

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David B