Hookers At The Point

Oct 22, 2023 | Social, Videos

Hookers at the Point is a powerful documentary that shines a light on the reality of street prostitution. Filmmaker Brent Owens returns to the Bronx to follow up on some of the women he featured in his previous documentary, as well as introducing us to new faces. Through their stories, we are exposed to both the hope and despair these women experience on a daily basis.

What makes Hookers at the Point so compelling is its attention to detail and its unflinching portrayal of life on the streets. The film follows these women through their everyday struggles – such as dealing with addiction and finding ways to make money – but it also highlights their resilience and determination in working against all odds. Even in moments of darkness and adversity, these women show remarkable strength and courage.

Above all, this documentary allows us to gain an insight into the lives of women who are often forgotten or overlooked by society. It reveals their hopes, fears and dreams in ways which can be difficult to find elsewhere. Hookers at the Point gives us an intimate look into their world, allowing us to understand more about them than any news report or statistic ever could.

For those wanting a deeper understanding of street prostitution or anyone looking for an unflinching portrayal of resilience, we urge you to watch Hookers at the Point. It’s sure to move you – even if you don’t agree with everything depicted – and give you a unique insight into humanity which will stay with you long after viewing it.

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David B