Honest Man: The Life of R. Budd Dwyer

Feb 7, 2024 | Political, Videos

R. Budd Dwyer was a beloved figure in the American political landscape. He served as the State Representative of Pennsylvania and later was appointed as Pennsylvania’s Treasurer. On January 22, 1987, Dwyer publicly committed suicide on live television in a press conference in Meadville, shocking viewers and forever entrenching his story into national lore. For many years since then, stories about Dwyer have been shared all around the internet and in college lecture halls alike; however, not many people know about the man behind these stories or what really happened to him that fateful day.

Honest Man is an incredible documentary that delves deeper into this story by exploring ​Dwyer’s background and speaking to those closest to him including friends, family members, colleagues, and more. Through interviews with these individuals, along with archival footage from the press conference itself, viewers get an intimate glimpse into his life and what could potentially be the real reason why he chose to end it all. The documentary does not seek to make any judgments or pass any verdicts on what happened; instead it simply tells Dwyers’ story truthfully and honestly which makes it even more powerful and engaging to watch.

The film also features candid accounts from Dwyers’ children which provide insight into how he lived his life before everything came to a head at Meadville that day. One particular negative point is when his children imply that maybe those who found him guilty on charges of bribery were too uneducated or working jobs too menial for them to take proper care of civic duties – although it provides a little bit of insight into their thinking on the matter, its implications do reflect onto Dywer in some way.

Honest Man is an important piece of history that should be discussed widely and shared among people regardless of whether they know much about Budd Dywer’s story or not. It provides viewers with well-researched facts as well as highly personal accounts from those who knew him best; this combination makes this documentary incredibly captivating and sure to leave you with an emotional reaction by the end. If you’re looking for an honest retelling of a remarkable true story then Honest Man is certainly worth watching!

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