Hollow Earth – The Biggest Cover Up

Sep 22, 2022 | Conspiracy, Media, Science, Videos

One of the most controversial hypothesis in science is “The Hollow Earth” hypothesis. In recent years, science has become a sort of Religion. If something defies the logic, there is no room for reason.

The Hollow Earth hypothesis aims to change the narrative. Challenging our thoughts and ideas of millions of viewers, the hypothesis requires an open mind.

The hypothesis proposes that the Planet Earth is entirely hollow, or that it contains substantial interior space. The hypothesis was dismissed in the 18th century by the scientific community. However, it is still popular due to conspiracy theories and challenges to the scientific explanation.

The hypothesis dates back to ancient times, when the concept of subterranean land appears in Greek Mythology. Greeks believed there were caverns under the surface serving as entrances to the underworld.

In Celtic mythology, on the other hand, the legend Cruachan claims that a cave is the Ireland’s gate to Hell.

The documentary focuses more on science than on mythology. In any way, an open mind is required to fully grasp the concept.

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Riyan H.