Hocus pocus? Testing miracles

Nov 5, 2023 | People, Science, Videos

In the German town of Würzburg, the supernatural is put under the microscope by scientists in a unique event that draws in believers, skeptics and academics alike. Astrologers, fortune tellers, and alternative medicine practitioners all claim to possess unique powers and insights that often defy explanation. But once a year, they are given the chance to prove their supposed skills in a most rigorous way.
The Society for the Scientific Investigation of Parasciences, made up of biologists, physicists, and psychologists, offers a generous prize of 10,000 euros to anyone who can withstand scientific testing of their supernatural claims. In this intriguing documentary, filmmaker Axel Rowohlt delves deep into the work of the society and examines the lengths that these supposed supernatural experts will go through to validate their claims. Will anyone finally pass the test and claim the prize? Or will the 10,000 euros remain in the pot another year? Discover the truth behind the paranormal in this thrilling investigation.

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David B