Hitler’s Creatures: The Nazis’ Obsession with the Animal Kingdom | Documentary

May 4, 2023 | Animals, Military/War, Videos

The Nazi regime was known for its horrific crimes against humanity. But beneath the surface of their actions there was a more sinister obsession: an interest in the animal world. Hitler, Goring, and Himmler – the three architects of the Final Solution – were among some of the highest ranking members to share this fascination.

In the last days of his reign, Hitler risked his life every day by leaving of his bunker to walk his beloved German Shepherd dog, Blondi. The Nazis also had a wide range of animal welfare laws that they implemented during their rule. But their interest in animals went much further than just their pets or these laws; many high-ranking Nazis had a deep-rooted infatuation with animals and nature in general.

This obsession with nature and animals is explored in depth in the documentary ‘Nazi Animal Souls’. This eye-opening film examines how Nazi leaders attempted to elevate their status through connecting with animals, from hunting big game and collecting rare breeds to even performing bizarre experiments on apes in order to create a super species. It looks at how Hitler’s love for Blondi was tied into his creation myth and used as an overt attempt to demonstrate human control over nature, which was hugely symbolic for him and other top Nazis.

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David B