Hitler’s Children: Education

Oct 19, 2023 | History, Videos

The Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler is renowned for its totalitarian control over the German people, and particularly the younger generations. During Hitler’s Third Reich, children as young as 10 were enrolled in a movement known as Jungvolk, while by the age of 14 they had to join the Hitler Youth. At 18, these young people were obligated to make their oaths to either the Nazi party, Wehrmacht (armed forces), SA (Sturmabteilung) or SS (Schutzstaffel).

Guido Knopp and ZDF Contemporary History Department have created a 5-part documentary that examines this phenomenon in detail. Through witness accounts and unseen archive material, this powerful documentary sheds light on how Hitler managed to gain control over these ‘children’ through years of manipulation.

This film is an essential part of understanding how Hitler’s regime reached such levels of power and control over its citizens. As well as providing a unique insight into this tumultuous period in history, it also serves as a reminder of what can happen when totalitarianism gets out of hand. Therefore, we strongly encourage everyone to watch this documentary to gain an understanding of how this dark chapter in Germany’s past unfolded.

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David B