Hitler’s British Girl

Oct 19, 2023 | History, Military/War, Social, Videos

Unity Mitford’s story is one of great tragedy and mystery. On September 3rd 1939, 25-year-old English aristocrat Unity Mitford shot herself in the head in a Munich park, distraught at the prospect of England declaring war on her beloved Fuhrer. For years, people have been intrigued by the motivations that led up to this fateful act – but now, a valuable insight into her life has been released in the form of a documentary about Unity’s journey to fanatic devotion.

The documentary provides original testimony and recently uncovered documents from the Home Office and MI5, giving viewers an astonishing ringside seat into how one English woman became seduced by Hitler’s charm and his plans for global domination. It also examines some of the myths that have followed Unity throughout history: did she have any kind of physical relationship with Hitler? Was she a British spy? And if so, why was she targeted by the Gestapo?

Finally, perhaps most puzzlingly, what lay behind her miraculous recovery from an attempted suicide and her mysterious return to Britain in early 1940? All these questions will be answered through interviews with historians who were close to Unity during her lifetime, as well as her own letters and diaries which she kept during her time in Nazi Germany.

This is undoubtedly an extraordinary story which should not be missed; it offers us valuable insights into a tumultuous period of history which are rare and often overlooked. So come take part in this fascinating exploration into a forgotten life – watch this incredible documentary on Unity Mitford!

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David B