Hitler Was Preparing For Full-Scale Invasion of Scandinavia | Colorized World War II

Jun 16, 2023 | Conspiracy, Environmental, Military/War, Videos

Adolf Hitler had plans to expand Germany’s dominion in a way that would have drastically changed the course of World War II. As part of his strategy, he was preparing a full-scale invasion of Scandinavia. Now, thanks to recent colorized footage, we can see for ourselves just how far along his preparations were.

In April 1940, Germany invaded Norway and Denmark as part of their plan to gain control over the Baltic Sea and northern Europe. It was also an attempt to secure shipping lanes for U-boats and other military vessels. In order to do this, they needed access to Scandinavian ports and airfields. To ensure success, Hitler ordered Operation Weserübung (also known as Unternehmen Weserübung), which was the largest amphibious operation ever mounted at that time.

The operation involved several divisions of troops including the Kriegsmarine (the German Navy) and a fleet of over 1,000 ships from all parts of Germany. Part of their mission was to capture key infrastructure in both Norway and Denmark in order to facilitate further operations in northern Europe. This plan ultimately failed due to British intervention but it showcases Hitler’s ambition and determination during World War II.

Now, thanks to new colorized footage released by Colorized World War II, we can get a real glimpse into these historic events. The documentary shows archive footage from the time in vivid color that allows viewers to feel like they’re right there with Hitler’s troops as they launch their invasion on Scandinavia. Through this unique look into history we are able to better understand just how determined Hitler was to expand his empire during one of the most devastating wars ever fought.

If you’re interested in learning more about this episode or any other aspects of World War II then be sure check out Colorized World War II’s new documentary on Hitler’s preparation for full-scale invasion of Scandinavia – an episode that could have drastically altered the war’s outcome if it had been successful!

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