Hitler Secret 1942 Voice Recording

Sep 8, 2022 | History, Military/War, People, Videos

We’ve read so much about Hitler. And we’ve heard so much about him. But have we heard it from the source?

This National Geographic documentary provides a new insight to one of the most influential and controversial individuals in the history of mankind.

We all know who Hitler was, and how he wanted to conquer Europe. But how much was he evil, and how much of that was propaganda? The documentary certainly takes a side in the equation. But what does the documentary bring to the table is authentic Hitler speeches, one that show how ferocious and determined was he in his goals.

The documentary features several speeches of Hitler talking in front of German workers. But the documentary does have an explanation and tries to spin it around. So, take his words with caution, and you might get a new insight of the Fuhrer.

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Riyan H.