Hitler and the servants of terror

Jun 14, 2023 | History, People, Videos

The Third Reich of Adolf Hitler is widely considered one of the most reviled and terrifying periods in human history. But did he go this far without the help of his closest confidants? With the help of Fabien Vincon’s riveting documentary, you can gain a closer look into these henchmen who helped shape Nazi Germany.

The film begins with an exploration of Hitler himself, examining his strange behavior and mannerisms. We then move on to Hermann Goering; a werewolf-like figure whose commanding presence was only matched by his brutality and ambition. His counterpart was Joseph Goebbels, who was seen as the architect of Nazi propaganda and hatred. Heinrich Himmler was infamous for being one of the major perpetrators behind the ‘Final Solution’, but he wasn’t alone in perpetrating horrific crimes against humanity; Rudolf Hess and Josef Mengele also had a hand in ensuring terror reigned throughout Europe during their reign.

We also see how Albert Speer’s architectural projects bolstered Hitler’s regime, as well as how V1 and V2 missiles were secretly developed as possible weapons to be used against enemy forces. The documentary doesn’t shy away from exploring the propaganda campaigns orchestrated by Goebbels either, which further helped to solidify Nazi Germany’s power before their eventual downfall.

We eventually learn what inevitably led to Hitler’s death: Operation Valkyrie, an attack led by those within his own ranks whom sought to end his tyranny once and for all. This is followed by an in-depth analysis of how Himmler betrayed Hitler shortly before his suicide before concluding with an examination of The Nuremberg Trials – where those responsible for war crimes were put on trial and sentenced accordingly.

Fabien Vincon has masterfully crafted a documentary that provides great insight into one of history’s darkest hours. With its accurate portrayals, detailed accounts, and harrowing visuals, viewers will have no difficulty understanding just how powerful this regime truly was – including every single person involved in its formation or demise. Ultimately, this film serves as a poignant reminder that regardless of our differences or beliefs, we must never allow ourselves to succumb to a totalitarian state like Nazi Germany ever again.

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David B