Hitchhiking with .357 Magnum

Jun 30, 2022 | Activism, Philosophy, Short, Videos

Jeremy Bryant needs to hitchhike to his granfather’s funeral and back home. The whole route takes 420 miles, and takes Jeremy through the state of Oregon. But this is not an ordinary hitchhiking story.

In fact, in the short video, Jeremy tries to explain his civil rights, or more precisely, the right to carry a gun for his own protection. With that in mind, Jeremy takes the route with a .357 magnum in his belt.

So, will he make it to the funeral in time? Or will he have troubles. For information sake, carrying a gun and marijuana is legal in the state of Oregon, United States, the same way alcohol is. Jeremy even goes in an airport bar with his gun by his side.

The question that the short documentary tries to answer is whether people still have stereotypes about certain behaviors. While carrying a gun is legal, it is still up to the driver’s choice to pick Jeremy up or not. Find out how many people picked him up, and whether they had problems when he told them he carries a gun.

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Riyan H.