History of Magic

Feb 2, 2024 | History, Videos

The history of entertainment magic is an exciting and intriguing one that has its earliest roots in religious rituals, tribal shamanism, and the mysterious east. It is a journey that progresses through time to the present day, where international stars have made their home in Las Vegas and on television screens around the world.

This series will explore all aspects of mentalism from prediction, book tests, blindfolded illusions, fortune-telling, levitation history, secret tricks and developments – tracing the development of this art form throughout time.

Close-up magic is among the oldest forms of entertainment magicians perform; simple yet pure tricks that hardly change year after year. Modern magicians possess not only heightened theatrical abilities but also a scientific aptitude to conjure up new ways to make things appear and disappear.

Dangerous magic has been defined by one man’s legacy for over one hundred years; this documentary follows his incredible story as well as how dangerous illusions have shaped modern magic shows.

Ultimately, this show synthesizes elements of fantasy with science to explore how entertainment magic has evolved over centuries into a major form of popular culture today. Follow along with the journey yourself and discover how illusionists use their wits to create extraordinary feats that captivate audiences! Watch this documentary to explore the enthralling history of magical performances – it is sure to enlighten you as it entertains you!

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David B