History of Islam

Feb 2, 2024 | Religion, Videos

The Islamic religion is one that is still largely misunderstood today, and the five-part documentary series, History of Islam, by Caspian Report seeks to bridge this gap with an objective and comprehensive overview of the Islamic faith. The project begins by tracing the earliest beginnings of Islam as it was first conceptualized by Prophet Muhammad and sets off on a journey through the life of Abu Bakr – his father-in-law who was the first non-blood relative to embrace Islam and become its leader in short order after Muhammad’s death.

From there, History of Islam takes viewers into the remarkable exploits of Abu Bakr’s military advisor Umar who successfully spread the religion across vast lands with immense success. It all stems from a transformative experience he had when attempting to reform society in accordance with Islamic values. Subsequent episodes follow this same trend as it discusses Uthman -the leader who succeeded Umar and ultimately experienced a tragic end at the hands of rebel opposition; Ali – whose popularity sparked divisions between Sunni and Shiite Muslims;and culminates with an exploration on how these two factions sparked a troubling power struggle that still plagues us today.

This historical narrative is complemented by informative narration backed up by static imagery for visual support. Thoughtful analysis draws from written accounts dating back to seventh century A.D., providing viewers with an accurate account of both past events and present implications alike. While some may find History of Islam’s presentation style to be somewhat dry, its content cannot be denied as essential for anyone wishing to understand what truly defines Islamic identity today. This documentary series serves as an ideal entry point for anyone seeking a deeper understanding into this complex yet ubiquitous religion – so tune in now!

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David B