High-Tech Trucks, Autonomous Cars & Internet-Controlled Vehicles | Future Mobility

Dec 1, 2023 | Technology, Videos

The digital transformation of mobility is upon us, and the advancements being made are paving the way for a new era in transportation. As industries strive to keep up with the pace of change, technology is ushering in a world where humans and machines can interact with greater efficiency and security. From automated truck driving to communications enabled by satellites, the potential for revolutionary progress is within reach – if we’re brave enough to explore it.

Take the trucks of tomorrow, for example. By making use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation and connectivity, next-generation trucks will be able to drive themselves more safely and efficiently than ever before. This means that not only will fuel consumption decrease, but also that roads can be better utilised and maintained due to reduced traffic congestion. In addition, automated driving systems will increase safety on roads by removing potential human errors from the equation entirely.

Another area where digital transformation could revolutionise transport is in communication between ships and aircrafts via satellites. By using a satellite-based system to deliver real-time data exchanges between vessels or planes on opposite sides of the world, processes such as loading times or repair procedures can be drastically sped up while reducing risks associated with human error.

To see how these advances in mobility are already shaping our future – and how they might continue to do so – set aside some time to watch Trucks of Tomorrow: The Digital Transformation of Mobility. Through this documentary you’ll

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