Hierarchies – Who’s in Charge? I Tracks East

Aug 20, 2023 | Environmental, People, Science, Videos

Tracks East, a documentary film recently released, explores the complex dynamics of exploitation and power relations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Specifically, it takes an in-depth look at Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia.

The film follows two sets of stories. The first follows a young woman from Armenia who is struggling to find her place amidst political turmoil. Her story is harrowing yet inspiring as she navigates the oppressive systems of power that have existed for decades. The second set of stories showcases the everyday people of Azerbaijan who are challenged by government policies that restrict their lives and limit their access to resources and opportunities—and creates an environment of inequality and unfairness.

These individual stories show the personal impact of the region’s wider political struggles and allow us to gain a greater understanding of these issues beyond what we can learn from news headlines. With powerful visuals, interviews with experts, and emotional testimonies from everyday citizens, Tracks East paints a vivid portrait of life for those living in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

This film offers compelling insight into some of today’s greatest global challenges – injustices like poverty, repression, inequality – that deserve our attention and action. But with its humanizing approach to this issue, Tracks East also shows us that hope exists amidst difficulty. Ultimately, it encourages us to never give up on creating a better world for all people – no matter where they come from or what they face in life.

If you’re looking for an engaging way to start learning more about this important topic – or if you just want to be inspired by some incredible people – Tracks East is definitely worth your time!

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David B