Here Be Dragons: An Introduction to Critical Thinking

Oct 16, 2023 | Conspiracy, Social, Videos

In today’s world, it is all too easy to accept paranormal and pseudoscientific beliefs without question. Too many of us lack the necessary tools to understand or critically assess the facts presented in these claims. That is why Here Be Dragons is an essential watch for everyone.

Here Be Dragons is a 40-minute documentary video that guides viewers through the basics of critical thinking and teaches them how to recognize and evaluate paranormal and pseudoscientific claims. The video was written and presented by Brian Dunning, host of the famous Skeptoid podcast, author of Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena and executive producer of The Skeptologists. His extensive experience in researching skeptical topics makes him an expert in debunking baseless claims.

The documentary offers a new perspective on scientific inquiry, something not often highlighted in the mass media. It encourages viewers to look at claims made through the lens of critical thinking, weigh evidence objectively, question assumptions, diagnose faulty arguments and appreciate real science for its reality-based benefits. With concise and clear visuals, this educational documentary provides an understanding of how science works—and how to use it in our daily lives for practical purposes—without getting bogged down with complex theories or jargon.

In addition to being free to watch online, Here Be Dragons is also licensed for free distribution and public display so that more people can benefit from its content. This makes it well worth watching even if you are already familiar with some aspects of critical thinking; there may be parts you haven’t seen before or hadn’t thought about before!

It’s time we arm ourselves with knowledge to protect against pseudoscience and embrace science as our life tool – Here Be Dragons offers a great opportunity to do just that! So don’t hesitate – take 40 minutes out of your day to watch this unique video introduction to critical thinking today!

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David B