Helpem Fren - Rebuilding a Pacific Nation

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The Solomon Islands are peaceful area. A nation of hundreds of Islands in the South Pacific, the Solomon Islands are mostly known for the excellent spots for scuba diving and lots of World War II relics and memorabilia.

Even though the Solomon Islands are peaceful place, in 1998, under the pressure of ethnic lines, the population began to fracture, with clashes between citizens becoming a common problem.

Villages burned, and murderous groups were formed. In 2003, the nation was being on the brick of becoming exterminated, a failed state. The culmination was when Harold Keke, a warlord in the Solomon Islands kidnapped several Melanesian brothers.

The period of ethnic violence lasted for five years, and thanks to the intervention of RAMSI, a special organization that was formed on request of the government of Solomon Islands. The organization had one goal in mind, to bring the ethnic violence to end. The mission had the motto of Helpem Fren, which means “help a friend”. The documentary takes a look at the way RAMSI helped rebuild the peace and quiet of the Solomon Islands.

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