Heavy Load Transport through Nicaragua

Sep 29, 2022 | Business, Economics, Short, Technology, Videos

One of the most adventures heavy load transportation of all time takes workers through Nicaragua. Narrow curves, precarious bridges, mountain roads, two gigantic engines that weight as much as 300 compact cars, and all of that has to be transported across Nicaragua.

The challenge requires teamwork from an entire team that can go as high as 100 workers. The process starts with four transporters designed to lift the load during transportation.

The danger and the challenge lies within the ground that can get vary because it is not hard enough. At this point, because the load is not controllable, it can shift. Sometimes, a centimeter can make a huge difference, and the engines are lifted. If the engines roll over, they can bury everything beneath them.

Watch the process as it happens, and how the engineers lift the engines through the entire trip. The crew would certainly love to finish the job successfully, as the cost for recovery is high that can put the economy and the finance of a company in danger.

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Riyan H.