Heavy Airbus Maintenance, Aircraft Junkyard | Inside Airplanes

Aug 21, 2023 | Aviation, Videos

Intrigued by what happens inside an airplane, we stumbled upon an engineering documentary that provides an extraordinary insight into the meticulous maintenance procedures of commercial airliners. The documentary titled “Inside Airplanes: Heavy Airbus Maintenance, Aircraft Junkyard” highlights how every five years airlines have to get their commercial fleet inspected thoroughly.
But what does this inspection entail? Well, it requires the dismantling of these hulking giants to examine every individual part meticulously. The documentary captures the inspection process of a ten-year-old A340, the second largest passenger aircraft in the Airbus fleet. You get to see how the technicians expertly disassemble the behemoth and scrutinize every nook and cranny, ensuring the aircraft meets the safety standards before it goes back up into the sky.
However, even the most modern aircraft still contain used parts that were scrapped from old planes. This begs the question; how safe are these used parts from the junkyard, and can we fly safely without fear? The documentary addresses precisely this concern, diving deep into the topic and exploring various perspectives on the issue.
As you read this paragraph, we bet you’re excited to dive right into the documentary and witness the thorough inspection process, the dismantling of hulking giants, and the exploration of a topic that concerns every traveler. We recommend you see the documentary for yourself to learn more about what happens inside an airplane.

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David B