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Oct 15, 2023 | Political, Social, Videos

The Vietnam War was one of the most devastating conflicts in recent history, with effects that are still felt to this day. Documentary filmmaker Keith Davis brings us a powerful portrait of the conflict with his film ‘Vietnam: The Other Side Of War’.

As the title suggests, the documentary takes an unflinching look at the war from both sides, offering a unique perspective on the atrocities and human suffering experienced by those involved. Using archival news footage, interviews with veterans and civilians, and their own original filmmaking, Davis paints a vivid picture of how devastating the war was for everyone involved.

The film also provides a voice to those who were often overlooked in U.S. propaganda during the war – for example, giving Vietnamese people themselves an opportunity to talk about how they were affected by the conflict and why they chose to fight against western powers. Their stories are heartbreaking but crucial for understanding why this war was so destructive.

‘Vietnam: The Other Side Of War’ is an eye-opening exploration of this tumultuous period in history that should be seen by all. Through Davis’s storytelling we gain greater insight into what happened during this tumultuous time period and how its effects are still felt today. This documentary is essential viewing for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of this difficult chapter in our history.

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David B