Headhunters of World War II

Oct 15, 2023 | Military/War, Videos

During World War II, seven American airmen were shot down and stranded on the island of Borneo. Surrounded by Japanese soldiers and natives wielding blowpipes and spears, they were in a desperate struggle for survival.

The situation seemed hopeless until British Major Tom Harrisson arrived with a daring plan to help them escape. Together they hatched a daring plot to outwit their pursuers, one of the most audacious escapes of the war.

The story of these brave men has been documented in the documentary “Hellbent on Borneo: The Island Escape” which offers an intimate look at their incredible journey. It features exclusive interviews with survivors, as well as footage from their daring mission.

This compelling documentary will take you inside the life-and-death struggle faced by these brave airmen, and provide an inspiring tale of courage, tenacity and hope in the face of overwhelming odds. So don’t miss this gripping account of one of World War II’s greatest untold stories – watch Hellbent on Borneo: The Island Escape today!

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David B