he Paralympics: the only female athelete of the Gambia

Dec 19, 2023 | People, Sports, Videos

Meet Isatou Nyang, the first female athlete from The Gambia to compete in the Paralympic Games. Despite her physical disability, Isatou is a top-level athlete with an unparalleled talent that has landed her a spot in the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo. But Isatou’s story is not only one of triumph over adversity- it’s also about fighting against the odds, as a disabled single mother with no other means to support her family than begging.
oin us for a documentary that profiles Isatou as she overcomes the hardships of being poor in Gambia and training for one of the most competitive global events, the Paralympic Games. The report, produced by Dáša Raimanová, divulges the secrets of Isatou’s training and sheds light on the physical and psychological challenges Isatou has faced in pursuit of her dreams. Watch as she defies any obstacles and becomes an inspiration for all who believe that nothing can stop them from chasing their dreams.

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David B