he German military – filling the ranks

Jul 4, 2023 | Military/War, Videos

The German military is on a mission to recruit new soldiers and it’s using intro camps to get the word out. These camps are specifically designed to give aspiring soldiers a taste of military life, as well as to quell any fears they may have. In a new documentary by Udo Bauer, viewers are taken behind the scenes to see how these camps work and what motivates young people to join the armed forces.
One such recruit is Leia, a 19-year-old music lover whose grades weren’t good enough for university. Through the intro course offered by the 21st armored brigade, Leia discovers what a career in the military could offer her, including the prospect of dangerous foreign missions. Bauer’s report takes you on a journey with Leia and other young recruits, as they contemplate the risks and rewards of serving their country.

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David B