Hannibal: The Fall of Carthage

Mar 27, 2023 | History, Videos

Hannibal did not care to waste the power of Carthage? Legendary victories were ingenious strategist, paradoxically, the reason for the fall of this very rich business empire? Why Hannibal, at the height of his successful campaign, to refrain from attacking the city of Rome? Why was the military genius of Hannibal’s defeat is not enough of the growing power of Rome?

This documentary delves into the rise of trading small city-state of Carthage became one of the richest and most powerful nations in the Mediterranean sea. After the battles of the great general of Carthage, Hannibal, Rome’s defeat seemed almost inevitable, however, Rome prevailed.

All new questions to light in this film: not only historians but also psychologists, scientists and doctors piece together images from the past. Archaeologists data provide computer animations to recreate the events prodigal fascinating past.

Powered by computers, a dizzying journey that leads through the eyes of the duelists, directly into the brain, where – tenths of a second before a decision is made – the alternatives are written as visions of the story: ” What would happen if …? – This question also raises scientific jokes and fantasy of the spectators – and compellingly illustrates how, for a brief moment in history, the development of the world today hangs by a thread.

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Riyan H.