Half Ton Man

Oct 5, 2022 | Health, Videos

‘Half Ton Man’ examines the science of extreme weight loss and the perplexing lives of the growing number of people who seem intent on eating themselves to death.

It tells the astonishing story of Patrick Duel, who reached a record breaking weight of 76 stone 8lbs, making him one of the heaviest men ever and a medical miracle. For taking him to the hospital, a wall of his house had to be knocked down, where he underwent a gastric bypass surgery and kept on a much disciplined diet making him lose less than half of his weight.

Throughout the trauma, Rosalie Bradford, once the world’s fattest woman, supported, motivated and encouraged Patrick. She was 8 feet wide but she overcome her addiction to food once she realized the main reason behind her addiction, which was the abandonment she underwent in childhood, and consequently worked hard to lose 900 pounds!

Scientists believe that a fat gene evolved in people to enable them to survive famines but now the modern unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle is making this gene turn harmful.

Filmed originally by Channel 4′s Bodyshock series. Official page:http://www.channel4.com/programmes/bodyshock/episode-guide/series-2/episode-1

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Riyan H.