Half Homeless: Living in Cars | Poverty in the USA

May 23, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

As the middle class of America continues to spiral towards impoverishment, few realize the impact of the sub-prime and credit crisis of 2008 that brought the poor to their knees. The ruthless impoverishment of the American middle class continues with no safety net in a country that established liberalism as a creed. Those who lose their jobs experience instantaneous and dramatic consequences, as every penny counts and every breath is taken to survive. This is the bleak reality of life around Disney World in Florida.
Larry Dodson, 52, and Terry, once a sales manager, were both successful professionals in their respective fields until they lost their jobs. Now, they live in motels, with no savings or security, struggling with life’s basic necessities. And their stories are just two out of 1,800 children that are growing up in motels, moving from school to school, as their parents desperately search for cheaper accommodation. This documentary paints a heart-wrenching picture of the real-world struggles that are faced by Americans today, told from the third person perspective, revealing stories of those who were once successful but now find themselves living on the precipice of poverty.

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David B