Gypsy Child Thieves

Jan 22, 2023 | Social, Videos

As we approach the holiday season, there is a dark reality in Madrid that many are unaware of. This darkness lies in the exploitation of vulnerable gypsy children from Romania who are trafficked and used by organized crime groups to further their criminal activities.

Through his film-making career, Liviu Tipurita has made it his mission to investigate this issue and expose what is occurring to these innocent children. In order to uncover the truth, he goes into the world of the gypsies and reveals a shocking culture of racism they face.

It’s a heartbreaking scene during the week before Christmas when little ones – as young as 8 years old – can be found trying to rob grown men at cash machines. Horrifically some have even been found enslaved in confined spaces, treated like animals. All of these examples are merely a glimpse into the underworld that far too many gypsy children find themselves trapped in; an underworld filled with poverty, violence, drug abuse, and human trafficking.

It is no wonder why Liviu Tipurita has dedicated himself to bringing this issue to light through his documentary work. In his latest feature ‘Gypsy Child Trafficking’ he sheds light on not only how these children are being exploited, but also how society has abandoned them in their time of need. Through this gripping documentary those responsible for this horrendous act will be exposed and viewers will gain an understanding of how this hidden industry thrives off preying on vulnerable individuals desperate for survival.

If you care about social justice or simply want to bear witness to an important story that needs more attention then make sure you watch ‘Gypsy Child Trafficking’. It is only through awareness that our society can begin taking action against such injustice and finally give these forgotten victims a voice.

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David B