Guns in America

Jun 20, 2024 | Social, Videos

Guns in America is a documentary series produced by AJ+ Docs that takes an ambitious look at the complex relationship between firearms and contemporary U.S. culture. In this comprehensive six-part series, viewers are exposed to the political implications of gun policies, the availability of assault weapons, the influence of the National Rifle Association (NRA), and the prevalence of firearms in gang violence. The documentary also explores the potential for innovative solutions such as smart guns that operate on fingerprint recognition technology.

In Part 1: NRA’s Trump Card, Guns in America examines how the identity of the National Rifle Association has changed over time from a non-partisan advocate for the right to bear arms to a powerful weapon manufacturer lobby that provided over $30 million dollars to President Trump’s campaign in 2020. This episode gives viewers an important perspective on how corporations and special interests have influenced public policy over decades and how their influence continues today.

Part 2: Weapon of Choice focuses on assault rifles, with particular attention paid to their allure as well as their capacity for mass casualties. The segment takes an unflinching look at why these weapons continue to be used in acts of violence despite regulations meant to curb them.

Arming the Classroom looks at whether allowing guns on school property makes sense as a means to prevent violence against students and faculty or if it will only lead to more danger due to accidental discharges or conflicts between armed individuals. Chicago Under Fire exposes viewers to one of the most affected regions when it comes to gun violence — specifically, gang culture permeating certain neighborhoods and providing easy access to firearms for criminal activities.

Locked and Coded helps viewers understand what smart guns are and what kind of potential they have in reducing crime rates while Hidden Impact dives into why law-abiding citizens might choose to carry concealed weapons in public spaces despite current regulations against it.

Guns in America offers insightful perspectives from both sides of the debate around gun control and is essential viewing for anyone looking for more information about this controversial issue. With its comprehensive approach, this documentary provides an essential look into one of our most pressing debates right now – giving us all a greater understanding into why we must work together toward sensible gun laws that protect us all from harm.

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David B