Guinea: The Returnees

Jun 7, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Every day, droves of African migrants take the treacherous journey to France in search of better opportunities. And, for many of them, their home country of Guinea is the final destination. The city of Mamou has been particularly hard-hit by this exodus – so much so that it is estimated that only half of the migrants actually make it to France alive.

However, a significant portion return home with broken dreams and shattered hopes. Those who do make it back must grapple with figuring out how to reintegrate into Guinean society after their long journey. ARTE, an independent television station based in Paris, recently released a documentary exploring exactly this phenomenon. The film follows several such individuals as they navigate life after coming back from Europe and highlights the challenges they face.

The documentary vividly captures the struggles of many African migrants and sheds light on a largely overlooked part of their journeys – what happens when they return home empty-handed? From painful personal accounts to insightful commentary from experts, viewers are given an unprecedented look into how these returnees are surviving in their homeland. It’s an invaluable eye-opening experience that offers key insights into one aspect of global migration today.

We invite you to join us for this remarkable documentary and experience the stories of these brave men and women firsthand. Come along for an inspiring journey as you witness first hand how people are overcoming adversity despite seemingly insurmountable odds and reclaiming control over their lives against all odds!

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David B