GTA: The Grand Theft Auto Revolution

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In1988 a small development studio called DMA was formed. They did a number of minor projects before they made the first GTA (Grand Theft Auto), achieving a great success. They decided to make a game that could fulfill a sandbox type of game in which the player could have the possibility to freely move and explore the entire city. The player could follow the story line or just roam around and have fun stealing cars and causing mayhem. Today the GTA franchise is one the most dominant games in the industry.

The DMA studio started working with the publisher Rockstar on releasing the GTA 2 which was similar to the first one. They did not receive any awards for the first two games. They did, however, get a lot of criticism. When they released GTA3 with a new engine and 3D graphics, it revolutionized the whole gaming experience and influenced a number other game developers to change their games into a third person action shooter.

The GTA3 engine was used on the two following sequels and they achieved even bigger success and were awarded with the game of the year award. The last release is GTA 5 and it is one of the most successful games of all time, also the one of the fasted selling entertainment products in history earning a staggering 800$ million on the release day.

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