Ground Zero: Syria

Jan 18, 2024 | Military/War, Videos

Ground Zero: Syria is an award-winning documentary that showcases the horrors of the ongoing Syrian civil war. It follows videographer Robert King and his team as they capture the raw footage of a city being decimated by both intentional and unintentional fire, while its citizens are killed indiscriminately.

The documentary begins with Aleppo’s old Souk market ablaze as a result of mortar rounds fired by Assad’s forces. The atrocities witnessed by King and his team throughout their time in the region are heart-wrenching, including scenes from within an overburdened field hospital where exhausted doctors treat civilians, members of the Free Syrian Army and captured Syrian Army troops alike.

The documentary also highlights one of the most dire aspects of the conflict — food insecurity. Every day citizens must risk their lives to stand in line for a kilo of bread from one of the few remaining factories still operating in Aleppo, many of which have been destroyed amid fighting between the Free Syrian Army and Assad’s troops.

King follows Aleppo’s Al-Tawhid Brigade despite constant danger as they struggle to make sense out of a war they cannot win. Through King’s lens viewers become intimately acquainted with horror and despair that has become part and parcel with life in Syria over the last several years. However, amidst this darkness there is also courage, resilience and hope that can be found in Ground Zero: Syria.

If you want to learn more about what is happening inside Syria then you should watch this powerful documentary that offers an unvarnished look at life during wartime. By viewing Ground Zero: Syria you will gain a deeper understanding of what its citizens endure daily, as well as insight into how difficult it is for people to find hope in such desperate circumstances.

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David B