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Greensburg, Kansas was the site of one of the most destructive natural disasters in American history on May 4, 2007. On that day, an EF5 tornado with estimated winds reaching 205 mph (330 km/h) ripped through the small town of Greensburg. The tornado had a width of 1.7 miles (2.7 km) and traveled for nearly 22 miles (35 km). The National Weather Service confirmed that 95% of the city was destroyed, leaving only 5% severely damaged. This is the first recorded EF5 tornado since the Fujita scale was updated in 2007 and it is also the first “5” classification since the F5 tornado that tore through Moore, Oklahoma during the 1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak.

Thanks to timely siren warnings and a tornado emergency issued twenty minutes before impact, many lives were saved. Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and President George W. Bush declared Kiowa County a disaster area allowing for national and international aid to rush in to assist with relief efforts..

The tragic story of Greensburg captured the attention of documentary filmmaker Dan Rather who released a feature-length film chronicling the recovery effort titled “Greensburg” in 2009 . This powerful documentary explores how one community turned tragedy into hope by rebuilding into a model sustainable town powered entirely by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. It showcases how citizens have come together to create a more resilient and sustainable society despite intense obstacles and immense hardship.

If you are looking for inspiration or interested in learning more about what it takes to rebuild after such disastrous circumstances then look no further than Dan Rather’s powerful documentary “Greensburg”. This poignant film captures not only devastation but also hope in its story of resilience as one community fights back against nature’s fury to make something great from ruin. Don’t miss out on this inspiring true story – watch “Greensburg” today!

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