Greed: A Fatal Desire

Jan 15, 2024 | Social, Videos

Greed: A Fatal Desire is a powerful documentary that addresses the complex issue of human greed and its impact on individuals, communities, and societies. The film explores the psychological theories behind why humans have this innate tendency towards avarice, as well as how it can be both beneficial and destructive. It also examines the consequences of putting our personal needs before those of others and warns against letting material possessions define us.

The film’s narrative is driven by the teachings of Sheldon Solomon, a renowned social psychologist who asserts that humans use material possessions to stave off death. In an age where people are constantly competing for power, possessions, and attention, there is a great risk of widening the class divide and leaving many unable to meet basic needs. As such, Solomon encourages viewers to raise their self-awareness in order to recalibrate their priorities for the benefit of everyone.

Greed: A Fatal Desire features a wide range of voices from those who defend their pursuit of wealth to experts from various fields. Medical experts offer insight into how greed can take over one’s life while sociologists highlight how this behavior can devastate relationships between individuals and cultures. Religious figures explain how putting material goods ahead of human connections will never lead to true peace or contentment.

Overall, this documentary offers an important reminder that money and possessions will not guarantee immortality — something we must all keep in mind during difficult times when having more may seem like the only way forward. With its insightful interviews and thought-provoking analysis, Greed: A Fatal Desire encourages audiences to evaluate their own motivations and rethink what really matters in life.

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David B