Greece: Waiting for Asylum

Jul 4, 2023 | Environmental, People, Political, Videos

Fereshta Azimi was a resident of the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos for over a year and a half. This overcrowded facility was tragically destroyed by fire in 2020, but not before ARTE had an opportunity to meet Fereshta and document her experience. Following the disaster, she was one of thousands to be relocated to other parts of western Greece. Her story is one of resilience and hope in the face of adversity, inspiring viewers to contemplate what it means to seek asylum in Europe.

At Moria, Fereshta’s life was one of daily struggle and uncertainty. She shared cramped living quarters with hundreds of other refugees that were struggling under similarly desperate conditions. Poor sanitary facilities made it difficult for her to care for herself properly, and food rations were limited at best. Still, she managed to make a new home out of these dire circumstances—learning basic Greek phrases from her neighbors while still maintaining ties with friends and family back home via cell phone.

The fire changed everything in an instant; Fereshta suddenly found herself with no home or belongings left as she watched the flames consume Moria around her. After being relocated, however, her outlook began to slowly improve—she was able to find part-time employment in her new city so that she could take care of herself financially while also finding time for self-care activities such as reading books and playing sports with friends. Unexpectedly, the relocation has even given Fereshta a chance to pursue educational goals that may have been impossible at Moria—she now attends classes at a local school where she is expanding her knowledge base and building new relationships with members of the local community.

Fereshta’s story is far from finished; though much has changed since 2020, she still has yet to receive asylum status in Europe. But this hasn’t discouraged her from seeking brighter days ahead; despite all odds stacked against her, she continues striving onwards determinedly towards an uncertain future full of hope and possibility. ARTE’s documentary follows Fereshta’s journey through tragedy and transformation—viewers are sure to be moved by this inspiring tale as they consider their own place within this global crisis we all share together today. So please tune into ARTE: follow Fereshta’s story, reflect upon our collective responsibility towards those seeking refuge in Europe – and ultimately gain insight into what it really means to seek asylum around the world today!

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David B