Greece: The Island with Only One School Kid

Aug 22, 2023 | Environmental, History, Lifestyle, Videos

On the small, isolated Greek island of Arki, close to the Turkish coast, lives a small population of only 40 people. Among them is 12-year old Christos who faces an important decision: whether to stay on the island or take the opportunity for further education.

Home to stunning landscapes and crystal blue waters, Arki has an idyllic charm that can be appreciated by its residents. However, due to its remote location and limited resources available on the island, opportunities for higher education and career development are scarce. This is why Christos’ choice could have significant implications for his future.

The documentary ‘Island of Opportunity’, produced by award-winning filmmaker Poonam Dhawan, follows Christos’ story over four years as he considers whether or not to pursue further education in a nearby town. Through visually captivating cinematography and heartfelt interviews with Christos and his family, viewers gain a unique insight into the lives of these rural Greeks living in an age-old tradition while facing modern day struggles.

As we watch Christos’ journey unfold before our eyes, we can’t help but feel empathy for this young boy facing such difficult choices. We invite you to join us in this thought-provoking adventure as we explore what it means to live on Arki – an island that offers both hope and potential. We encourage you to watch ‘Island of Opportunity’ and discover how one boy’s life is changed forever by his decisions.

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