Great Planes: Boeing 747 and 777

Sep 22, 2022 | Aviation, Videos

“GREAT PLANES appraises The Boeing 747 – an aviation marvel that stirred the uprising in the passenger air transport segment.

This documentary provides us with never before seen footage of the evolution of the classic 747 models, while giving us insights on Jet-airline technology, creation of the world’s first jumbo jet and opening our minds to the requirements to survive in this highly competitive market!

The amazing feat of the creation of the largest twin-engine airplane has been achieved by the astonishing streamlined integration of two forces which mark man’s entry into the modern world – Computer and the airplane!

The documentary further explores how this remarkable achievement in the aviation industry was shaped by the people and certain event such as making a key change in the traditional way of production – complete transformation from digital preassembly directly to a production model enabling this marvel to generate more thrust than the combined power of eight engines of a B-52 bomber plane and allowing 300 passengers to be carried at an astounding speed which is nearly 84% of the speed of sound.

Truly remarkable indeed!”

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Riyan H.