Great Human Odyssey – Documentary 2016

May 24, 2022 | Environmental, History, Videos

No, this is not a documentary about Odyssey, the Ancient Greece hero. This is a documentary about the evolution of mankind.

From Africa, to Asia, to the Pacific, to Europe, to every part of Earth, the documentary explains the processes we had to endure to populate our planet.

Same as Odyssey, mankind was facing hurdles and challenges on every step of the way towards where and what we are today.

Our human ancestors started as hunter-gatherers on the continent of Africa. From there, they moved to every corner of the planet.

How we, as mankind, acquired the skills, technology, and talent to thrive on this planet? How did our ancestors cross the Sahara desert on food? How did they survive the ice age? How were they able to sail to the Pacific islands?

The Great Human Odyssey is one of the best documentaries ever made, a spectacular global journey of mankind.

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Riyan H.