Görlitz woos residents

Nov 16, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

In the charming provincial town of Görlitz, Germany, one-third of its 55,000 residents are over the age of 65. The town’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Ecological and Revitalizing Urban Transformation, or IZS, has come up with a creative solution to fight its population’s ageing. By offering a one-month rent-free apartment, along with support to work and settle into the town, IZS aims to attract big-city dwellers.
The documentary follows the story of Kevin Kandetzki, a Berlin-based freelance painter who believes that a move to Görlitz with his partner, a newborn child, and a child in daycare could be the fresh start they’re all looking for. But the move to a city that recently gave a considerable portion of its votes to the far-right AfD party warns the couple of the potential cultural shock. Will their move from Berlin to Görlitz be a new beginning, or will it become the worst decision they ever made? Find out in the documentary that highlights the hopes, fears and uncertainties on this adventurous journey.

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David B