Gora – The Man and the Legend

May 26, 2022 | Personal Triumphs, Strange, Videos

Some people don’t let money stop them from achieving their dream. Gora Grand Saha is that kind of a person. He is an actor from India who wants to become famous as an actor. And he wants to do it the unconventional way.

He doesn’t have money to go travel to another country for filming. Instead, he proposes directors send him the script, he will film the scene, and then email back to the director. Sounds strange, doesn’t it?

But Gora is determined not to let stop him from becoming a world famous actor. He started his acting career in 1998 in India. He was drawn into the world of acting at an early age, and instantly, acting became his passion.

And unlike many other actors that do it for the money, Gora says he does it for free. He doesn’t do it for the money. The only thing he wants is to reach the entire world with hi acting skills.

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Riyan H.