Goodbye Garbers – Garber Door Company Documentary

Sep 12, 2022 | Art, Music, Videos

When a business is closing after 40 years, you just cannot believe it happens. We grow up with certain brands, with certain companies. They become part of our lives, and an integral one nevertheless.

For people in Richmond, Virginia, that company was Garber Door Company. For more than 40 years, the company’s headquarters was located in Richmond, Virginia, on 2201 E. Franklin Street. The company had a warehouse of 65,000 square feet there.

The warehouse was largely unoccupied, leaving room for musicians, artists and similar individuals to use the space their personal place for art, noise, and practice.

But in June 2016, the company decided to relocate their business, sell the building, and move over. As a result, large portion of the musicians in the city of Richmond were left without a place to practice, silencing the Richmond sound.

The documentary takes a look at the emotions people have for Garbers, the memories they share with the company and much more. Garber Door Company offers expert sales, repair, installation and service of all types of garage doors.

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Riyan H.