Goodbye Cassini Hello Saturn

Oct 6, 2023 | Science, Videos

The Cassini spacecraft, after 13 years of extensively studying the complex gas giant Saturn, is now ready to make its last mission. Having traversed almost a billion miles from home, Cassini is set to make a death plunge into the planet it has spent so many years exploring. To commemorate this momentous occasion, the BBC series Horizon will be following along on Cassini’s final journey and celebrating its remarkable accomplishments.

Cassini has transformed our understanding of the Solar System. Thanks to its observations, we have been able to discover some incredible new features: alien worlds with immense ice geysers, underground oceans that could possibly sustain lifeforms, and an undisclosed moon hidden in Saturn’s iconic rings. With the world bidding farewell to this impressive explorer, now is your chance to witness its heroic last moments from an exclusive ringside seat.

During its time in space, Cassini opened up a whole new realm of discoveries and possibilities for us humans here on Earth. Regardless of how it all ends today—with Cassini sacrificing itself into Saturn’s atmosphere—the legacy it left behind will stay with us for generations. For those looking for an inspiring story about humanity’s achievements in science and exploration, make sure you don’t miss this episode of Horizon!

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David B