Gone: The Story of Paul Alexander

Nov 5, 2023 | Health, Videos

Paul Alexander was a remarkable young British skateboarder with a lot of spirit and ambition. At only 14 years old, he moved from his hometown of Leicester to Bristol in search of greater opportunities as a professional skater. Once there, he quickly became intertwined with the vibrant skating culture and was fortunate enough to live with professional skateboarder Danny Wainwright. Paul’s dream of turning pro seemed within reach – until one day when he was hit by something unexpected and crippling: severe mental illness.

This is the story of Paul Alexander, as told by his friend and fellow skateboarder Tim Crawley. It’s been immortalized in an inspiring documentary about his journey to reclaim his dreams, titled “The Skater and the Artist.” The film takes viewers on a captivating ride through Paul’s journey from darkness to light – and ultimately realizing that some things are even greater than achieving one’s goals.

Paul Alexander faced great adversity but never gave up hope or lost sight of his dreams. This resilience has impacted more lives than just his own, serving as an inspiration for many who also look upon him as a hero. His story proves that even when life gets tough, it’s possible to find courage and strength within ourselves to face our challenges head-on.

By watching “The Skater and the Artist,” viewers can experience Paul’s incredible story firsthand while being reminded that it is never too late to pursue our dreams in life despite any obstacles we may encounter along the way. So come join us on this powerful journey with Paul Alexander – you won’t regret it!

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