Golem: a legendary Jewish clay man and his impact on art

Sep 21, 2023 | Art, Culture, History, Videos

Originating from Jewish folklore, the mythical and magical figure of Golem has inspired generations of artists. Over the centuries, the story of the artificially created giant has endured, mirroring the fears and longings people had at the time. Today, filmmakers Torsten Striegnitz and Simone Dobmeier take viewers on an exciting journey through the cultural history of Golem.
From creation as part of Jewish mystical rituals to popularity in literature and film, Golem has constantly evolved. With fascinating images from the Israeli desert, Prague, and Silicon Valley, the documentary showcases the significance of the age-old legend even in the era of artificial intelligence and robots. Meet artists and scholars who have a special relationship with this most prominent of Jewish legends, including director Dominik Graf, who is currently working on a film about the Golem. According to him, the Golem is a symbol for a being that knows more about humans than humans know about themselves.

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David B